a theoretical foundation for future work.


Grid Planters are designed to support the growth of plants, but could be used for anything. Airbrushed graidient and hand-drawn lines in china paint under a clear glaze.

These porcelain pots are fully glazed & hand-built. We make 4” ($40), 6”($50), or 8”($60) round drops-in’s (common greenhouse potted plant sizes), which allow for the easy removal of plants when they need a soak.

Sophia is the figure of wisdom. Here, she offers aspiration for a balanced life. 

These waves offer an aesthetic response to chaotic feeds--the patterns are inspired by the repitition of various waves found in nature.

Plateau paintings engage with ideas including the loss of hierarchies, rhizomatic systems suplanting arboristic institutions & human inter-connectedness despite physical separation...  48”x48”